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November in the Natural Garden 2021

Forecast: Continued dry and unseasonably warm with no chance of rain. After a decent bit at the end of October, we imagined the storm gates might officially open for winter. It appears that through November, we may have to enjoy only imaginary rain, good enough for a poet or philosopher but completely meaningless in the realm of soil moisture.

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Milkweed & Monarchs: How You Made a Difference

We’re doing it! The numbers are in. In 2021, Tree of Life customers took home and planted around 8,000 native milkweed plants consisting of three species. Other vendors were involved as well. Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach reports sales of around 4,000 plants.

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Essay #8 Mission, Values & Goals

We run a nursery, so plants are pretty important, but by putting pen to paper (as it were) in this exercise, we realized their true significance lies in their (and our) relation to people and places.

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Silver Highlights

Light your way through the spooky fall nights with a moonlight garden. The following list of native plants contains some of the most beautiful, drought-adapted native foliage available that glows in the light of the moon.

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TOLN October Events

October Events at Tree of Life Nursery!
We are back! Join Tree of Life Nursery experts and friends this month at the nursery and online to become a California native plant expert!

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Essay #7 A Work Ethic: Keep Having Fun

Fortunate are the ones who can point to a blurry line dividing their work and play. Concerning values, rich among rich are people who enjoy their jobs. Afterall, most of our waking hours, and a good portion of our whole lives are spent at work

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